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Midtown High School Review

Midtown High School opened in 2002 as a charter school. The school has on average 30 students per year in grades 9th through 12th with 97% of the student body being Hispanic.

The families with students attending the school are low income and are very pleased that the school has provided them with an alternative to public education. On the other hand, some parents are not pleased with the administration or the way in which the school is handling funds. Parents expressed the school does not provide the educational tools needed for students to succeed.

The school does not have any information on how many students are passing the AIMS series of tests or any other information online regarding curriculum or activities for students.

With so little information available on the school, it would be your best interest to tour the school, talk with parents and staff, and also ask about the scores of the different testing models the school uses to measure if students are mastering the core subjects.

Midtown High School
7318 W. Lynwood St.
Phoenix, AZ 85043


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