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Midnight Sun Family Learning Center Review

Sixty-miles north of Anchorage, Alaska, Midnight Sun Family Learning Center is located on the Parks Highway north of Wasilla. Serving grades K-10, this school integrates Core Knowledge concepts into its content-rich academic program. With a current enrollment of 166, it offers a family-oriented multi-age learning environment with the belief that this allows children to learn at their own pace.

Midnight Sun Family Learning Center opened its doors in Wasilla, in 1997, to the first 10 kindergarten students.  Some of the first students to step in remained in the school till they had to leave for higher studies and achieved great ranks and awards, that tell a lot about this school.  The Academic Policy Committee comprises of parents, teachers and community members.

Midnight Sun Family Learning Center has multi-age classrooms with limited students in each. The emphasis is on family-oriented learning which allows siblings to learn together. Parents involve not just in their child’s education but also in the operation of the school. If they are interested in joining their children, they have to attend an orientation. A lottery system is followed for placement on the wait list.

All students are given computers at their desks. Many assignments, including math, such as HeyMath, are done on the computers. This has proven to be a great success as far as learning and understanding goes. Other activities children can engage themselves in, include band, chorus, computer arts, dance, drawing/painting, ceramics/sculpture, theater/drama, photography and video/film production.

7362 W. Parks, #714
Wasilla, AK 99654
Phone: 907-357-3733

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