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Leona Advanced Virtual Academy Review

Leona Advanced Virtual Academy opened their charter campus in Tempe in 2011 for students in seventh through 12th grades. The school offers a college preparatory curriculum that also focuses on the arts.

The school uses online tools and is considered a virtual educational environment. This allows students to work at their own pace and catch up on any credits as well as graduate early. Credit recovery is one of the reasons many parents are choosing this school.

Parents expressed they like the idea that their children can work at their own pace and obtain a high school in less time than they could in a public school. The school features an on site computer lab, access to teachers via telephone, email and in the virtual classroom. There are no teachers present at the lab.

In order for students to excel, they must be organized and willing to work on their own without being watched. The middle school curriculum includes all year English, Social Studies, math, and science with electives being by semester. Curriculum for high school students includes students taking two or three classes for six weeks according to their graduation plan. Students have the opportunity for conversations with teachers via telephone, discussion broads, classroom session live with teachers and email.

Since the school is virtual, they have not provided their test results online. Since this is a virtual school, it is mainly geared toward students that can work independently, students that are not goal oriented may not do as well as students that need extra help. Before enrolling your child in the school, you should learn more about online education.

Leona Advanced Virtual Academy
5058 S. Price Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85282


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