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Learning Crossroads Basic Academy Review

Learning Crossroads Basic Academy opened their charter campus in Tempe in 2000. The school uses techniques along with technology to ensure that students in kindergarten through 12th grades are receiving the educational tools they need to succeed. Along with core subjects, the school offers dance, computer arts, basketball, cross-country, football, martial arts, physical education classes, soccer, volleyball, softball, yearbook, and student council.

The comments regarding this school are quite controversial. Some parents praise the teachers while others state that even the teachers make fun of students and call them names in class. Some parents love the teachers but have issues with the staff that decide if a student can come to school explaining the child was disruptive or that the teacher had other problems with the student. It could be that there are a few bad teachers in the school or even just a few staff members that are rude to students and parents.

Looking at the percentage of students that passed the AIMS exams may shed some light if the school is actually helping children learn. All grades had lower percentages in all courses than state averages with some grades only having 10% of the class passing the exam in various courses. I would recommend looking for a different school unless you talk with parents, staff, and teachers to see if any improvements have been made and ask to see the results of testing. 10th graders have to pass these exams in order to graduate and the percentages of students that passed were quite below state averages.

Learning Crossroads Basic Academy
1130 W. 23rd St.
Tempe, AZ 85282


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