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Khalsa Montessori School – Elementary Review

Khalsa Montessori School opened their charter elementary school in 1995. The school offers a very unique learning environment that provides students with a hands-on learning experience. The school has on average 110 students per year in kindergarten through 6th grades. The holistic approach used at this school has been proven to be an excellent way to prepare students for life. Along with core subjects, the school offers resources to the students such as gardening instruction, gifted specialist, math specialists, physical education instructor, creative writer teachers, and reading specialists. The Montessori learning method provides a self-paced experience that children enjoy and help them achieve their goals.

The school has an art room, garden, internet access, audiovisual aids, multi purpose room, playground, and access to sport fields.

Along with core subjects, the school offers a variety of other activities for students to enjoy including creative writing, drama, and poetry. They may be other activities available but the information on these was unavailable at the time.

The majority of parents love the school, curriculum, teachers and staff. They are glad the school has high standards and challenges students to think on their own and be responsible. Some parents are not as happy if their child is held back a year, but the school sets high standards so all students can and will achieve their goals to become productive members of society while learning to be life long learners. Parents expressed the staff and teachers are very friendly and answer all concerns quickly and effectively. Students enjoy going to school, as well as being well adjusted.

Students at Khalsa Montessori Elementary school participated in the AIMS series of tests. This test measures if students are mastering core subjects compared to other students across the state. Third graders were above average in reading and math with 100% of the grade passing the exam. Fourth graders were exceptional with 100% across the board in reading, writing, science, and math. Fifth graders did almost as well with 100% in reading and writing and 90% in math. Sixth graders were at 100% in all exams.

With such high percentages of students passing the exams, you must see that the school is preparing students for life and providing a high quality education.

Khalsa Montessori School – Elementary
2536 N. 3rd St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004


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