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Kaleidoscope School of Arts & Science Review

Kaleidoscope School of Arts & Science is a charter school that offers grades K-6, an integrated study of arts and science. It provides free education like all other Alaska charter schools, and is one of the elementary schools in Alaska to have achieved good rankings. KSAS strongly focuses on hands-on-practice and delivers curriculum instruction based on the development level of the students.

This school located in Kenai, Alaska, opened in 2004 and the name Kaleidoscope was chosen, as it reflects accomplishment and depicts the use of different lenses to create new patterns of understanding. The school made adequate yearly progress and today has expanded to enroll 248 students in different grades.

With a spectrum of highly educated and experienced kindergarten through 6th grade teachers; all the subjects, including the arts, are taught in a meaningful way. The school uses the arts not just in the typical sense of learning how to paint, choreograph a dance or stage a kit, but also integrates them into the teaching of all other subjects, thus engaging and motivating students through the arts.

Students are encouraged to analyze and investigate information and come to their own conclusions. At this school, they get to experiment and learn concepts that they may not otherwise be exposed to until junior high. Parents can volunteer as much as they want. Apart from a music program, a physical education program and a science lab, children enjoy academic contests, baseball, and band.

49 N. Forrest Dr.
Kenai, AK 99611
Phone: 907-283-0804

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