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James Sandoval Preparatory High School Review

James Sandoval Preparatory High School opened in 2001 and on average has 200 students enrolled in grades 9th through 12th. The school offers an exceptional educational program that works with each student as a whole meaning they not only provide excellent academic programs but other programs that help students emotionally and socially.

The curriculum models used at the school are accelerated credit learning, individually guided instruction, standards based, and direct instruction and they do offer block scheduling. Other learning resources are available which include differentiated learning programs, counseling, college counseling, career counseling, mentoring, acceleration, and remediation.

The campus offers a variety of facilities unlike some charter schools in the area including a chapel, cafeteria, computer lab, career center, learning lab, internet access, performance stage, and parent center. The school is also proud to offer trips to college campuses, community college courses, lecturers from colleges, and SAT/ACT prep classes.

Along with everything mentioned above administration understands that students need extracurricular activities in order to become a well around productive member of society and offers a variety of other activities for students. These include graphics, computer animation, technical design, technical production, poetry, drama, creative writing, photography, and dance. Sports students can choose to join include baseball, basketball, soccer, cross-country, cheerleading, football, golf, physical education, softball, volleyball, and yoga. Student clubs available are debate, anime club, community service, foreign language and culture club, homework help, National Honor Society, student government, SADD, robotics club, technology club, and yearbook.

There are parents on both sides of the fence. Some stating the school is excellent while others state the school has seen better days. Most agree the teachers are wonderful and work extra hard to help each student succeed. On the other hand, some parents have noticed a decline in testing scores which makes them wonder about the administration and the curriculum used at the school. Students enjoy attending the school and express that they have all kinds of options, caring teachers, and are learning better than in other schools.

The AIMS series of tests, which is required by the state of Arizona for 10th graders before they can graduate high school, showed that fewer students passed the exam in reading, science, writing, and math than the state average.

Since a few parents stated their concern over the tests scores that have been declining over recent years, it would be best if you talked with other parents and teachers before enrolling your child in this school.

James Sandoval Preparatory High School
3830 N. 67th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85033


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