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James Madison Preparatory School Review

James Madison Preparatory School is a charter school that opened in Tempe in 2000 and has on average 168 students enrolled annually in 7th through 12th grades.

The school provides a traditional education focusing on the government system, America’s history, and classical courses that mixes in skills that help students in the real world. Along with the basic subjects, the school offers several different ways for students to express themselves in extracurricular activities, sports, and clubs. These include chorus, orchestra, drama, photography, band, film production, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, fencing, football, golf, soccer, softball, track, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, chess club, drum line, robotics club, flag girls, student council, newspaper, and yearbook.

Parents are very impressed with the high standards set at the school whether on a social level including behavior or their academic standards. The school prepares students for the real world as well as for post secondary learning. The small class size is amazing and helps provide each student with the one on one personal touch that many students need to succeed. The school is great with any issues that arise and contact family immediately. Bullying or other misbehaving in the community is not tolerated. This provides a much better learning environment.

The percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of tests in 7th grades is above average in reading, writing, and math with writing being almost 20% above the state average. 8th graders did as well at 7th graders in reading, science, writing, and math, with science and math close to 20% above the state average. 10th graders were above average in reading by 20%, in science by 40%, in writing by 30%, and in math by 35%.

With no negative comments and great test scores, this is a wonderful school and your child should do very well. Remember they are very strict with all students to help each one achieve their goals.

James Madison Preparatory School
5815 S. McClintock Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85283


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