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Intelli-School – Metro Center Review

Intelli School opened their metro center charter school in Phoenix in 2002 to provide an alternative to public education for students in 9th through 12th grades. The curriculum is computer driven and the learning environment is self-paced. Students that receive the most from this type of environment are those that have learning disabilities or are “at risk” students.

Parents are very happy with the school and the way in which their children can work at their own pace. For those that have the need to go faster or slower than conventional schools, this is the perfect learning environment with teachers available when needed. The complaints of parents are that the school is not challenging enough and the standards set are not really preparing students for attending higher education facilities.

By looking at the percents of students that passed the AIMS series of tests you can get a good idea if the school providing a quality education. Only 29% of 10th graders passed in reading with the state average at 78%, in science 0% passed with the average at 42%, in writing 15% with the state at 68%, and in math 17% with the average at 60%.

With the low test scores, it would be best to check out other schools in the area that also work with learning disabilities and “at risk” students before enrolling your child. The test scores may be lower due to the students not putting forth effort; however, it could be the curriculum not up to state standards.

Intelli-School – Metro Center
3327 W. Peoria Ave., Ste. B305
Phoenix, AZ 85010


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