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Imagine School at Bell Canyon Review

Imagine School at Bell Canyon opened in 2002 as a public charter school for students in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The school offers an small classrooms with caring and devoted teachers. The school focuses on helping each student reach their goals in a home style learning environment.

Along with core subjects the school offers a variety of extra curricular activities, sports, special programs and clubs including computer arts, dance, band, chorus, drawing, ceramics, cross country, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, gymnastics, field hockey, football, martial arts, physical education classes, softball, soccer, volleyball, track, wrestling, science & technology, debate, yearbook, community service, academic contests, newspaper, and student council.

The student body is quite diverse with various cultures attending the school including white, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and American Indian.

Parents are very pleased with the MicroSociety program that the school uses where students in lower grades such as kindergarten are led by a student in a higher grade while working in a group. This type of environment is helping students work with peers and learn how cooperation instead of working alone on every project. The teachers and staff are wonderful alogn with a principal that knows children and parents by their name.

The PTO is a great organization that families truly enjoy while providing a variety of events and activities that keep both families and children busy all year long including Book Fairs, Character Fairs, and more. The atmosphere is completely positive which encourages students to want to learn and as parents expressed their children love the school.

The downside as explained by a few parents is the school recently had a change in the principal that does not seem as caring or involved with the students as before. Some stated that teachers were leaving the school due to the change in administration.

A look at the percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of tests is always a good way to grade a school. The percentages of third graders that passed the exam in reading and math were above state averages; however, math percentages were 30% below the average. Fourth graders did not do well with percentages below the state average in reading, writing, science, and math with about 15% below the average and in writing 54% below the average. Fifth graders did a little better with reading being equal to the state average, but writing was about 10% below and math 20% below the average. Sixth graders did very well with higher percentages passing in writing and math than the state average but reading was below the average by 7%. Seventh graders surpassed the state average in reading, writing, and math by around 10% in each course. Eighth graders did not do as well with 30% percent in reading being below the average, 10% below in science, 10% in writing below, and almost 20% below in math.

It would be best if you check out the school before enrolling your student. With a few negative reviews from parents and then the below average scoring it may be a school that you will not want your children attending.

Imagine School at Bell Canyon
18052 N. Black Canyon Hwy.
Phoenix, AZ 85053


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