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Imagine Prep Superstition Review

Imagine Prep Superstition opened their charter school in Apache Junction in 2009. The school has on average 208 students in 7th through 12th grades. The school states it prepares students for college, life, and their career. Along with core subjects the school offers extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports including film production, computer arts, basketball, cheerleading, football, physical education classes, volleyball, newspaper, and student council.

Students and parents have reported negative feedback over the last few years since the administration changed. Prior to the change, teachers and staff worked with students and parents to help each student achieve their goals. Since the change, students are falling behind in classes they need to graduate even though they are taking courses that were described as college prep. The school does not offer electives so it can be difficult to receive the credits to graduate. The good side is that students and parents are very pleased with the teaching staff, but state that the administration is ruining the curriculum and atmosphere of the school. The high change in staff including a few teachers is making parents think twice before enrolling their children in the school. The students and parents also noted that their favoritism in the school and is very apparent with discipline being saved for students that are not in the special clicks. On the other hand, some students love the school and the teachers.

A look at the percentages of students passing the AIMS series of tests may provide a better insight into the school; however, the only scores available at this time are for 10th graders. In reading, the percentage of students that passed the exam were higher than the state average in reading, science, and writing, however, math percentages were about 20% below the state average.

Since most of the responses from students and parents are negative, it would be best to check out the school thoroughly before enrolling your child in the school. It may also be better now if the administration has changed again, but you should learn more about the turn over in teachers and staff.

Imagine Prep Superstition
1843 West 16th Avenue
Apache Junction, AZ 85220


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