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Horizon Community Learning Center Review

Horizon Community Learning Center is a public charter school that opened in 1997 for students in kindergarten through 12th grades. The school offers a different approach to public school in that the curriculum helps students solve problems that occur in life in a manner that teaches students to work with others.

Along with core subjects, students have the opportunity to join extra curricular activities including band, dance, computer arts, chorus, drama, orchestra, film production, photography, and painting. For those that enjoy sports, the school offers many different options which include golf, badminton, cheerleading, baseball, cross country, basketball, gymnastics, football, physical education classes, lacrosse, tennis, softball, rugby, soccer, track, ultimate frisbee, yoga, and volleyball along with clubs like newspaper, science & technology, multimedia, student council, and yearbook.

The reviews on this school by parents and students are quite negative for students in junior high and high school. The lower grades parents love the school, teachers, and the way their children are progressing. Once the students enter junior high problems seem to arise with quite a few “clicks”, bullying, and uncaring teachers that are not willing to provide the help all students need to succeed. Most students commented that the teachers only helped their favorites which were often in certain “clicks” in the school and that the only curriculum available is what is needed to graduate high school with no electives at all. Only basic core subjects were available.

The AIMS series of tests showed above average percentages in all grades in core subjects, but this does not reflect the atmosphere of the school. It seems like the students are doing very well in core subjects as they stated, however, most are very unhappy with the teachers, staff, and curriculum for grades 7th through 12th.

It would be in your best interest to visit the school while students are present and teachers are in the classrooms to receive a true look at the school. You should talk with other students that are attending the school and parents if you are considering the school for your children in junior high or high school.

Horizon Community Learning Center Review
16233 S. 48th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85048


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