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Holsteiner Agricultural School Review

Holsteiner Agricultural School is a charter school that opened in Maricopa in 2011 for students in kindergarten through 6th grades. The school provides a very different kind of learning environment where students have the opportunity to learn inside and outside of the classroom. The curriculum is challenging as well as fun to instill the desire to become life long learners.

The curriculum is based on agri-science which allows students to learn while doing in a hands on environment. The core curriculum is Saxon Math as well as ixl math which is technology based. The core factor of the program is agricultural science which as reported by a Dyer & Williams 1997 case study in the Journal of Agricultural Education the program aids students in problem solving skills, ownership pride, and develop independence while teaching students to appreciate work.

The scores of student’s progress are not available at this time, however for those that want their children to learn the importance of work as well as cooperation and respect of others as well as their own accomplishments; this could be the school for your students. Students enjoy planting gardens while improving their nutrition and health.

The school is striving to build a firm foundation in which students will excel and become productive members of society. It would be a great idea for you to take a tour of the school along with your children to see if they like the learning environment. The school plans to expand their student reach and include 7th and 8th grade classes as well.

Holsteiner Agricultural School
44400 W Honeycutt Rd 105
Maricopa, AZ 85138


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