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Highland Free School Review

Highland Free School opened their charter school in 2000. The school at one time was a private school, however, once they saw the need for alternatives to public education received their charter to provide a quality education for students in kindergarten through 6th grades.

The school prides itself on providing a learning environment that allows students to explore and learn at their own pace while being creative. The school offers an open classroom that does not use the standard textbook curriculum which allows individualized learning.

Some parents are a bit confused with the way the environment when they first start sending their children to the school due to its non-conventional method. The school has animals at the school as well as a full time caretaker on the property to care for the animals. The entire setting of the school is more of a family setting with learning around every corner. A few parents are not at all happy with the administration and the way the school is ran. On the other hand they do believe the teachers are excellent but hindered by the “rules” set forth by administration. Other parents are absolutely thrilled with the one room schoolhouse philosophy that brings back tradition and curriculum tailored to fit each student on an individual basis.

The tests scores of the students are not available and with the different opinions of the parents, it would be wise to visit the school prior to enrolling your child. The school is very different than other schools you see today whether public, charter, or private especially with the fact that farm animals live on the premises. It would be best to ask more questions regarding the curriculum offered to ensure students are receiving the best possible education.

Highland Free School
510 S. Highland Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85719


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