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Heritage Elementary – Williams Campus Review

Heritage Elementary opened their Williams Campus in 2001 to provide an alternative to public schools via their charter school for students in kindergarten through 7th grades. The curriculum is based n Spalding Phonics and Saxon Math. The school provides individualized learning to ensure that each child can receive the best education. The school does provide a few programs for special education. The campus offers internet access, cafeteria, playground and does have access to sports fields, however, the school does not offer any sports of any type. It does offer student clubs such as environment club, yearbook, recorder club, sewing club, knitting club, gardening, origami club, game club, dance club, drama club, chess club, and arts & crafts.

Parents express their children are doing very well and flourishing in the school. However, when you look at the AIMS testing scores, students at this campus are quite a bit below the state average. Parents explain the school focuses on character education, but it seems that the core subjects may be suffering. The teachers are very nice, open, and caring which is a huge plus for most students. Parents stated that students were learning and achieving high academic scores.

With the AIMS scoring, 3rd graders were below the state average in reading, writing, and math with around 30% fewer students passing the exam than the average. Fifty five percent fewer 4th graders passed the reading test than the state average, 40% fewer in science, 30% fewer in writing, and 45% fewer in math. 5th graders did not do well either with 21% fewer in reading than the state average, 5% in writing, and 38% fewer in math.

Before enrolling your child in this school, you should check it out thoroughly. With parents expressing they love the school but the scores being so low, there is something here that does not meet the eye. You should talk with other parents, check out the curriculum, and take a tour of the school to see the classrooms in action.

Heritage Elementary – Williams Campus
790 E. Rodeo Drive
Williams, AZ 86046


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