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Heritage Elementary School – East (main) Campus Review

Heritage Elementary School opened their main campus also known as east campus in 2005. On average they have 865 students enrolled in 1st through 8th grades. The charter school offers a traditional setting with a focus on analytical reasoning skills, critical thinking skills, and phonics reading skills.

The school offers an intensive special education program which includes programs for students with hearing impairments, autism, and multiple disabilities to name a few. Along with special education programs the school offers acceleration learning, mentoring, and counseling.

The school has a campus that provides several facilities including a computer lab, cafeteria, art room, auditorium, kitchen, internet access, sym, garden, multi-purpose room, performance stage, playground and has access to sport fields.

Along with core subjects, students can enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities like performing arts, drama, dance, painting, drawing, and sports like track, football, flag football, basketball, baseball, cross country, soccer, volleyball, softball, and cheerleading. Clubs available include gardening, drama club, chess club, and dance club.

Reviews of Heritage Elementary East Campus are quite extreme on both sides of the fence. The majority of parents and students alike are not happy with the school at all with many removing their students from the school. Reports of unprofessional and often harsh teachers, bullying, and disorganization are at the top of the list. Some parents seem very happy with the teachers and school; however, they have students in lower grades. However, even kindergarten parents are not happy with the high turn over of teachers. It seems the bad reviews began after a change in administration when more emphasis began being on finances instead of students. Before enrolling your child in the school, it would be better to check out the school and see the teachers interacting with the students. Schedule a tour while school is in process so you can actually see the activity and interaction between students and teachers.

Students participated in the AIMS series of tests which measures the students mastering of core subjects. Students in 3rd grade were below the state average in reading and writing, but were above the state average in math. 4th grade percentages were quite a bit below the average with more than 20% below state averages in reading and writing along with 30% below in science and math. 5th graders were below state averages in reading, writing, and math by at least 10%. The percentages become worse in grades 6, 7, and 8 with percentage of students passing the exam being 30% or more below state averages.

Heritage Elementary School – East (main) Campus
6805 N. 125th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85307


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