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Heritage Academy Review

Heritage Academy opened as a public charter school for students in 7th through 12th grades. The school works toward instilling the ideals and values of historical figures in history as well as providing an environment where students are taught and given respect.

Along with core subjects, students can also join extracurricular activities they enjoy including chorus, drama, dance, band, drawing, photography, orchestra, and computer arts. For those that enjoy sports, the school offers a wide array of opportunities like golf, football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, martial arts, cheerleading, volleyball, physical education classes, baseball, and tennis. Unlike other schools that only offer one foreign language, Heritage Academy offers French, Spanish, Latin, and German. Special programs for interested students include student council, academic contests, community service and yearbook.

Parents and students overall are very happy with the school. However, a few of the parents and students express their concern that the school is a bit more religious than they like with most of the teachers being of one faith and the texts books offering a Christian perspective. However, there is no peer pressure, students have the attention they need to succeed, and are learning in a caring environment. The main focus of the school is on community, education, and country which are refreshing.

Students at Heritage Academy did exceptionally well on the AIMS series of tests with 98% of 7th graders passing or exceeding the exam in reading, 79% in writing, and 80% in math which are all 20% higher than the state average. 8th graders did just as well with higher percentages in all courses over the state averages. 10th graders did just as well by having higher percentages in all courses above state averages.

If you have concerns regarding the curriculum and the Christian perspective, you can also ask to see the textbooks. Since the majority of parents and students are happy with the school and the testing is above average, the school is well worth checking into for your children.

Heritage Academy
32 S. Center
Mesa, AZ 85210


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