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Gilbert Arts Academy Review

Gilbert Arts Academy is a public charter school that opened in 2008. The school has an average enrollment of 150 students in kindergarten through 6th grades. The school offers a college prep curriculum using a service learning academic theme. Students have access to an art room, library, sports fields, multipurpose room, playground, music room, and computer lab. Along with core subjects the school offers a few extra curricular activities for students including computer arts, drama, painting, drawing, dance, and chorus. Sports and clubs can participate in include soccer, basketball, fencing, gymnastics, cheerleading, physical education classes, swimming, martial arts, softball, recycling club, yearbook, student government, and science & technology.

Gilbert Arts Academy has a very unique program called Mustang Clubs that meets in intervals of every six weeks. This club provides karate, sports, crafts, music, cooking, drama, science, quilting, sign language, computers, and scrapbooking to name a few.

Parents and students overall are pleased with the school, the small class size, the teachers, and the atmosphere. A few parents noted that for students that have special needs the school is not equipped to deal with some of these issues. The teachers are very caring, understanding, and do provide one on one attention when needed and when appropriate. The school goes beyond the classroom with several activities to help support the whole child and allow them to grow and learn social skills along with basic educational needs.

Students participated in the AIMS series of test which are required by the state for students attending public and public charter schools. The results are shown by percentages of students that passed or exceeded the exam as well as how students did across the state in the same grade.

3rd graders at the school did very well in reading and math with higher percentages than the state averages pulling out a 95% in reading and 90% in math. Writing was quite a bit lower showing only 58% with the state average at 79%.

4th graders were pretty equal with the state average in reading, above average in Science and writing with a 94%, but below average in math with 53% and the state average 65%.

5th graders did very well scoring higher than state averages in reading with 86%; however, writing was only 29% with the state average 55% and math 50% with the state average at 63%.

6th graders were higher across the board with reading at 100% and the state average at 71%, writing 85% with the state at 56%, and math at 77% with the state at 59%.

With the test scores being so diverse, you should take a tour of the school and even talk to a few parents before enrolling your child in the school. It may be the students not putting forth the effort to learn, however, it could also be the teachers that are not putting forth the effort to help students achieve the knowledge needed to succeed.

Gilbert Arts Academy
862 E. Elliott Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85234


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