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Future Investment Middle School Review

Future Investment Middle School opened in 2009 in Tucson for students in 6th through 8th grades. The public charter school is very different than other schools in that the learning environment is one that allows students to plan for their future using experiences, visionary skills and teaches students financial planning, investments, business, entrepreneurship, management, social awareness with science and math as the root subject matter.

The school offers small class sizes with around 115 students of diverse cultural backgrounds creating a very diverse learning environment where students can and will succeed. Students are required to wear uniforms. The school prides itself on preparing students for higher education more than joining the workforce after completion of high school.

Parents and students alike are pleased with the teachers, staff, and school. The students are doing very well with most meeting the standards set forth by the state of Arizona which is shown through the percentages of students that have passed or exceeded the AIMS series of tests. In math, writing, and writing, students were average with other students in the district, but lower than the state averages. In science students at Future Investment Middle School scored just as well as students across the state.

The school does not have much interaction available for parents to learn more about the curriculum or other activities students can participate in, therefore it would be in your best interest to tour the school and learn more about the environment. Since the school does not provide information on extracurricular activities and more about the courses themselves, you should learn more before enrolling your children to ensure this is the school you want your children attending. The majority of the reviews and rating have the school listed low, however, this is due to the amount of information available and not due to the school itself.

Future Investment Middle School
1854 South Alvernon Way
Tucson, AZ 85711


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