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Foothills Academy Review

Foothills Academy opened in 1996 as a charter school. The school is one that is very unique in that it gives students the chance to truly enjoy the environment they live in while receiving an above average education. On average the school has 250 students enrolled in 6th through 12th grades.

The school is unique in that it is energy efficient, offers xeriscaping and architectural integration which is a growing need in our world. This is perfect to introduce students into a growing problem in the US to become energy efficient as well as provide students with a wonderful school that offers exceptional courses in small knit community.

Along with the basic subjects, students enjoy after school clubs like comedy improvisation, technology, dance, arts & crafts, tennis, chorus, weightlifting, and tennis. The students can also participate in sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball, and soccer. The school prides itself on providing unique field experiences that give students a more hands on learning environment with such trips as climbing walls, ropes courses, architectural tours of Taliesin West and Chase Field, and even Catalina Island marine excursions, among others.

Reviews are very mixed from parents and students alike. However, when you look at the overall school, activities, teachers, and the test scores, the bad reviews are not necessarily the “norm” at the school. This is a school that students are expected to work and to achieve success with teachers that have been in education for ten years or more. The school strives to provide a safe learning environment and is very strict on dress code along with behavior. Some parents expressed the drop out rate was high at this school; however, this is a false statement. Arizona has a high drop out rate and Foothills Academy is lower than the state average with only 8 students out of 250 dropping out of the school.

Students participated in the AIMS series of tests which gives a good idea of how the students are doing when compared to other schools in the test. 6th graders surpassed the state averages in reading, writing, and math. 7th graders also performed above the state averages scoring a 100% in reading. 8th graders did just as well with all scores above 80% with science at 95% and writing at 100%. 10th graders did amazingly well on the series of tests with scores of 100% in reading with the state average at 78%, science at 72% with the state at 42%, writing 96% with the state at 68%, and math 94% with the state average at 60%.

Foothills Academy
7191 E. Ashler Hills Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85262


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