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Family Partnership Charter School Review

Family Partnership Charter School of the Blochman Union School District is an Independent Study Charter School accredited by the WASC. This K-12 school serves about 500 students in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties. Non-classroom based instruction is given through learning centers that focus on Independent Home study, Montessori methods and project-based learning.

With the first charter school application presented in 1996, Family Partnership Charter School began its operations in 1997 with funds from the State of Alaska and the Anchorage School District; and the efforts of ASD teachers and parents. It operates with public educational funds. Unlike a traditional public school, parents personalize the learning based on the needs of their children.

Public charter schools such as FPCS follow a different structure unlike the classroom-based public school system. The school’s primary goal is to maximize personalized learning opportunities, and one-size-fits-all curriculum is not followed. Parents have the final word on any material that affects the child. A unique concept of the school is to train parents in learning styles, curriculum choices, computer literacy and other areas.

The school fosters education through home schooling, correspondence classes, on-line classes, college classes, high school classes, computers & materials as well as teacher-led individual and group classes. Students also have plenty of opportunities for middle school and high school sports and activities. Overall, this is a partnership school where parents have the primary responsibility of managing their child’s education.

401 E. Fireweed Ln.
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: 907-742-3700



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