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Excel Education Centers – San Carlos Review

Excel Education Centers opened their San Carlos campus in 1996 for students in 9th through 12th grades were at risk of dropping out of school or had already dropped out of school. The school provides an alternative to public education with a self paced curriculum that promotes high expectations, responsibility, and choice. The school does not offer any types of meals during the school day.

Facilities at the school include computer center, recreational area, and a library. The school also has internet access. The curriculum includes computer based science, computer based math, project based English, and service learning. The school offers multi-age classrooms and on site special education. Extra curricular activities include journalism, student government, and cultural arts programs. Resources available at the school and community include counseling, Renaissance program, campus awareness project for Excel, and crisis invention.

Parents are pleased with the opportunity for their students to attend a self paced school that will help their children succeed and receive their high school diploma which also provides them with the knowledge to further their education or to join the workforce. The students mentioned the need for more extra curricular activities.

Students at Excel Education Centers at the San Carlos campus participated in the AIMS series of test which is required for high school students to be able to graduate and receive their diploma. The test is given during 10th grade. Percentages of students that passed or exceeded the exam are listed below.

In math, 0% of 10th graders met the standards with the state average at 22%, in reading 27% met the standards with the state at 48%, and in writing 8% with the state at 59%.

9th graders participated in the Stanford 9 testing. The percentile rank scores are listed below along with the average state scores. In reading, the score was 17 with the state score at 43. In language, the score was 14 with the state score 41 and in math the score was 22 with the state score 61.

Excel Education Centers – San Carlos
Moonbase Road,
Peridot, AZ 85542-0729


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