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Excel Education Centers – Cottonwood Review

Excel Education Centers opened their charter school Cottonwood campus in 1995 with an average of 100 students per year in 9th through 12th grades. The school prides itself on being an alternative to public education that supports physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development, encourages individuality, and offers small class sizes. The school offers individual curriculum plans as well as computer assisted instruction.

Along with core subjects, Excel Education Centers offers project based math, project based English, career emphasis, computer technology emphasis, excel distance learning, on site special education, and independent studies.

The downside that many of the parents expressed is that the school may not have enough students for one grade level so they place 2 grades together. The school does offer small classrooms and teachers that know their students by name. Other parents were not happy with the business like environment, instead of a family style environment. A few parents were concerned about the tests scores of the AIMS testing; however, they stated the scores were higher than other schools in the other area. The low tests scores are something that should be discussed if you plan to enroll your child.

In the state of Arizona, all students must pass or exceed the standards set forth in the AIMS series of tests which measure the mastering ability of students of core subjects. Percentages of students at Excel Education Centers Cottonwood that passed or exceeded the exam along with state averages are listed below.

In reading, 54% of 10th graders passed with the state average at 64%, in writing 36% with the state at 58%, and in math 32% with the state average at 51%. Scores for science were not available.

Excel Education Centers – Cottonwood
1229 E. Cherry St.
Cottonwood, AZ 86326


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