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Effie Kokrine Charter School Review

Effie Kokrine Charter School offers education for grades 7-12, and enrolls both Native and non-Native students. It is the only Early College high school in Alaska. The focus is on rigorous academics, and the core academic and elective courses offered give an early start to college-level knowledge.  This is great for students for whom college is just a dream.  They get to enroll in university courses at no cost.

This school did not happen overnight. It took more than three years of planning on the part of the school district and several others for Effie Kokrine Charter School to be born.  It was created to help Alaska Native students improve their achievement and success. The school has from the beginning concentrated on academic empowerment and continues to do so, allowing students to achieve their educational goals.

The small school size of 150-200 and the small class sizes, appeal to students. EKCS offers a different type of learning, with six-week themes in energy & ecology, applied technology, outdoor survival and family. Instruction is rigorous and all students are required to take local as well as state tests, including the college placement exams and High School Graduation Qualifying Exam.

Students spend time on hands-on projects as well as with parents and other community members on real-life activities. Leadership roles in community activities, such as native conferences and Indian-Eskimo Olympics are part of their education. Children are taught to understand the current historical and political issues. The beauty of this school is the college preparation students get while still in high school.

601 Loftus Rd.
Fairbanks, AK 99709
Phone: 907-474-0958



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