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East Valley Academy Review

Easy Valley Academy is a charter school in Mesa which opened in 1999 for students in 9th through 12th grades. The school provides educational options that are tailored to the needs of each student to enhance their ability to achievement excellence in all subjects.

The school offers traditional and block schedules, certified teachers, credit recovery, Mesa Distance Learning, counseling, psychological services, special education, and even tutoring on Saturday. East Valley Academy is designed to aid students that may find public schools and large class sizes to be a distraction, need flexibility in their schedule, students that have fallen behind in credits, and those that are considering dropping out of school.

Along with core subjects students can become involved in extra curricular activities and student clubs including AIMS Club, Yearbook, Service Learning, Student Council, computer arts, community service, and science & technology. At this time, there are no sports offered at the school. Vocational programs offered at health careers.

Parents expressed they are pleased with the small class size and the individual learning experience offered at the school. There are no negative reviews of this school from students or parents.

In order to graduate high school in the state of Arizona, all 10th graders must pass or exceed the standards set forth in the AIMS series of tests. These tests measure if students have mastered the core subjects. Percentages of students that have met or exceeded the exams along with state percentages are listed below.

In reading, 44% of 10th graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 78%, in science 21% with the state at 42%, in writing 32% with the state at 68%, and in math 20% with the state at 60%.

With percentages of students at East Valley Academy coming in quite a bit below the averages of students in 10th grade across the state of Arizona, it would be in your best interest to tour the school, talk with staff, teachers, and parents of students attending before enrolling your child.

East Valley Academy
1858 E. Brown Rd
Mesa, AZ 85203


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