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Desert Hills High School Review

Desert Hills High School opened in 1995 with an average enrollment of 500 students. The school offers dual enrollment, AP courses, as well as flexible scheduling to accommodate students in 9th through 12th grades.

The school works with each student individually to ensure he or she attains a diploma and is ready for college or joining the workforce upon graduation. Along with providing the basic courses, Desert Hills High School offers extra curricular activities and student clubs which include drama, painting, sculpture, photography, film production, computer arts, dance, academic contests, community service, newspaper, debate, radio, video, multimedia, student council, yearbook, and science & technology. Sports offered at the school include volleyball, softball, rock climbing, soccer, physical education classes, football, cheerleading, cross country, baseball, and basketball.

Reviews of this school are quite extreme on both sides of the fence. Some students expressed no control over other students playing music during class making it impossible to listen to the teacher or concentrate on school work. Some parents expressed their concern over the lack of discipline and fighting at the school with a few times students being arrested on school property.

On the other hand, some parents have expressed the school is excellent and their children are excelling and doing quite well. A few parents stated the school has a zero tolerance for bullying and fighting which could be the reason some parents were not happy seeing students taken to jail. The overall experience of most students have been exceptional with caring teachers offering a quality learning environment where students can become productive members of society and make life long friends.

In the state of Arizona, students are required to pass the AIMS exam before graduating from high school. The percentage of students at Desert Hills High School that passed or exceeded the exam along with the average of students across the state are listed below.

In reading, 78% of 10th graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 78%, in science 23% with the state at 42%, in writing 62% with the state at 68%, and in math 44% with the state at 60%.

Desert Hills High School
1515 S. Val Vista
Gilbert, AZ 85296


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