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Delta Cyber School Review

Open to all Alaskan students aged 5-19, the Delta Cyber School is a charter school of the Delta/Greely School District and has full accreditation. It offers free education and serves about 425 students in grades K-12. The school offers a combination of online programs, tuition-based courses for other public school students as well as traditional schooling. Blackboard Learning System is used for instruction.

The Delta Cyber School has done well ever since its inception in 1997, offering elementary, middle school and high school programs. It grew in a phased manner and to the extent of enrolling 387 students in 2007. DCS teachers have gained the unique ability to develop a curriculum they deem fit for their students, based on their prior experience in teaching the subjects.

DCS offers courses in fine arts, zoology, botany, oceanography, auroras and NASA, along with two foreign language courses. Delivery of the coursework is through the internet and grading is done by teachers. A variety of instructional methods are used, including web conferencing and internal messaging system. Students also have access to their teachers by phone.

While half the students enrolled access their classes from regular brick-and-mortar schools around the state, others access them from home. All students are required to take state tests. They take self-grading quizzes online and conduct online research projects. All assessments are done online too. They may also participate in extra-curricular activities provided by the school.

P.O. Box 1672
Delta Junction, AK 99737
Phone: 907-895-1043

[google-map-sc address=”Delta Cyber School, P>O> Box 1672, Delta Junction, AK 99737″]


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