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D.W. Higgins Institute Review

D.W. Higgins Institute opened in 1998 as a charter school for students in kindergarten through 8th grades. The school prides itself of its unique curriculum that is based on communication, arts, and science in a technology based environment. The program aids students in achieving higher scholastic goals. The curriculum program is based on accelerated credit learning with honors track.

The school offers programs for students with special needs including autism, speech/language impairments, hearing impairments, visual impairments, and learning disabilities.

Along with core or basic subjects the school provides extracurricular activities and student clubs including band, ceramics, painting, drama, chorus, dance, orchestra, computer arts, academic contests, yearbook, community service, newspaper, and science & technology. Sports available at D.W. Higgins Institute are track, football, softball, golf, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and physical education classes. The school also offers vocational programs such as health careers, automotive, professional child care & development, and construction & building trades.

Reviews of the school are overall negative. Parents and even teachers complain that the student body is primarily special need students that take all the attention of teachers. Students without special need issues are often left behind and do not receive the educational tools or instruction needed to achieve goals.

Some have stated the school has closed but at this time it is still listed at the Department of Education. Administration issues, teachers going unpaid, no playground, few educational tools, and non-challenging curriculum are among the largest complaints.

Students at D.W. Higgins Institute participated in the AIMS exam which measures the percentages of students that have mastered the standards set forth by the state. Percentages of students that passed or exceeded the exam are listed below.

In reading, 74% of 3rd graders passed or exceeded, in writing 74%, and in math 74%.

In reading, 94% of 4th graders passed or exceeded, in science 94%, in writing 81%, and in math 94%.
In reading, 80% of 5th graders passed or exceeded, in writing 67%, and in math 73%.

In reading, 64% of 6th graders passed or exceeded, in writing 78%, and in math 57%.

In reading, 65% of 7th graders passed or exceeded, in writing 88%, and in math 53%.

In reading, 36% of 8th graders passed or exceeded, in science 34%, in writing 83%, and in math 33%.

D.W. Higgins Institute
1805 E. Elliot Road Ste 112
Tempe, AZ 85284


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