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Crown Charter School Review

Crown Charter School opened in 2001 to provide an alternative to the public school system providing a high energy classroom for students in kindergarten through 6th grades. The school offers a student participation program that focuses on basic skills as well as social involvement.

Along with core subjects Crown Charter School offers extra curricular activities which include chorus, band, ceramics, painting, dance, computer arts, film production, and photography. Student can also join clubs such as academic contests, debate, student council, newspaper, community, and science & technology as well as become involved in sports like physical education classes, baseball, gymnastics, cheerleading, softball, basketball, soccer, and football.

The reviews are mixed when it comes to Crown Charter School with more parents providing negative comments; however, others are very pleased with the success of their children. Some parents are excited with the grades and social activities their child is enjoying at school. A few parents expressed concerns that their child was making excellent grades at this school, but when moved to another school was behind in all subjects especially math which was very disappointing.

Many parents agreed with the fact that children are behind in most subjects along with another issue that parents are not allowed in the classroom even to volunteer. On the other hand, when you review the AIMS testing scores of students at Crown Charter School compared to students across the state, these negative comments seem to be misinformed. In order to ensure you choose the school that is best for your child, it would be in your best interest to talk with teachers, other parents, and the administration to learn more about the curriculum and test scores.

Percentages of students that passed or exceeded the standards of the AIMS series of tests are listed below along with the average of other students across the state.

In reading, 100% of 3rd graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 76%, in writing 94% with the state at 79%, and in math 85% with the state at 68%.

In reading, 97% of 4th graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 75%, in science 91% with the state at 60%, in writing 95% with the state at 83%, and in math 94% with the state at 65%.

In reading, 94% of 5th graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 79%, in writing 80% with the state at 55%, and in math 95% with the state at 63%.

In reading, 91% of 6th graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 81%, in writing 82% with the state at 81%, and in math 73% with the state at 59%.

Crown Charter School
12450 Maryland Ave.
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340


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