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CORE Butte Charter School Review

CORE Butte Charter School opened in 1998 to provide parents of homeshoolers with the tools needed to provide a quality education for students in grades kindergarten through 12th. The school utilizes resources on the internet as well as classes at their facility for specific course material. The curriculum is challenging while providing students with a personalized education program that fits their style of learning.

Each family will have an assigned credentialed teacher that will aid the students as well as their parents on the path that will ensure success of each student. At the facility, elementary students can choose to participate in other classes from academic to enrichment as well as classes for advanced students. High school students are also offered academic support classes as well as enrichment classes, along with junior college dual enrollment. Students are provided with events throughout the year as well including school fairs and field trips.

Along with core subjects, the school offers extra curricular activities for students that wish to participate. These include drama, painting, dance, photography, chorus, film production, orchestra, computer arts, and band. Sports available include baseball, basketball, bicycling, cheerleading, fencing, field hockey, cross-country, football, gymnastics, golf, lacrosse, martial arts, physical education classes, swimming, softball, soccer, track, volleyball, wrestling, and water polo. Other programs offered include community service, yearbook, academic contests, multimedia, student government, and science & technology.

Parents are very pleased with the school and express that the resources and caring teachers help provide them with the tools necessary to help their children succeed. Students enjoy attending school at home and stated they love the extra curricular activities.

The Academic Performance Index showed that CORE Butte Charter School had a 2% drop in academic growth. The percentage of students that passed the California Standards Tests was mainly below average except for a few courses at different grade levels. The percentage of students passing the California High School Exit Exam was 93% in English Language Arts with the average at 83% and 87% in Math with the state average at 84%

For students and parents that wish to provide a home school environment for their children the school is providing an excellent education and resources. Unlike other home school programs, this school offers a wide variety of extra curricular activities, which helps students attain social skills along with academic skills.

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CORE Butte Charter School
260 Cohassett, Ste 120
Chico, CA 95926
Phone: 530-894-3952


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