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Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts (COVA) Review

Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts commonly referred to as COVA opened in 2007 as a public charter school for students in kindergarten through 8th grades. The school is located on a campus with 11 acres in Oakland Hills serving students in the surrounding area with a performing arts alternative to traditional school settings.

The curriculum offers students the education they need to enter high school and onward to college while focusing on each students strengths. Students are involved in performing arts 10 to 12 hours each week and perform three or more concerts each year. Students attending Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts do not only perform at the school, but have perform throughout the community in such locations as the California State Capitol, the Fruitvale Cinco de Mayo festival, Circus, Circus in Reno, Great America, Emery Bay, Catalina Island, the Temescal Street Festival, and Jack London Square, to name a few.

Along with core subjects, Conservatory of Vocal Instrumental Arts offers extra curricular activities students can join which include band, orchestra, dance, chorus, painting, drama, yoga, physical education classes, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, academic contests, yearbook, and student council.

Parents expressed they are overjoyed with the way in which their children are learning and excited about going to school. The opportunities offered by the school are amazing as reported by most parents. Students stated they really like all their teachers and enjoy learning with helpful teachers that want them to succeed.

The Academic Performance Index shows that Conservatory of Vocal Instrumental Arts had growth over the base score of 867 to 892. The percentage of students that passed the California Standards Tests were mainly above average except for a couple of grades and courses including 8th grade history which was below average by 12% and 4th grade English Language Arts at 2% below state averages.

The tests scores show that the majority of students are passing the exams. The school is doing an exceptional job of preparing students for the remainder of their educational years while giving them the opportunity to attend a performing arts facility.

Have you studied at Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts (COVA)?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts (COVA) in the comment section to help other readers!

Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts (COVA)
3800 Mountain Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94619
Phone: 510-285-7511


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