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Concordia Charter School Review

Concordia Charter School opened in 2007 in Mesa for students in kindergarten through 3rd grades. The average enrollment is 57 students per year. The school curriculum is based on the Core Knowledge Sequence. The curriculum outlines the exact content that each student should learn in history, arts & literature, mathematics, music, geography, visual arts, and science. The school offers a nurturing and caring learning environment that works with the whole child to provide a quality education.

Ninety five percent of the student body is at poverty level with 90% being minorities and more than 65% recognized as English Language Learners. Students are met with caring teachers that work with each student to overcome the challenges they meet every day whether socially, financially, or academically. A few of the extra curricular activities offered include tutoring, recreational activities, field trips, and academic clubs,

Parents are very happy with the school, dedicated teachers, and hard working staff that treat each child with respect. The curriculum is challenging with teachers that provide the extra attention to those that may need a little help.

Concordia Charter School participates in the TerraNova referenced tests. Students in 2nd grades through 9th grades are tested in math, language arts, and reading. The percent of students in 2nd grade that passed the exam along with the percentages of students across the state in the same grade that passed the exam are listed below.

In language arts, 29% of students passed the exam with the state average at 36%, in math 33% with the state at 57%, and in reading 23% with the state at 41%.

Concordia Charter School
142 N. Date St.
Mesa, AZ 85201


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