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City High School Review

City High School is a public charter school that opened in 2004 to provide an alternative to public education with an average enrollment of 176 students in 9th through 12th grades. The school offers accelerated credit learning, independent study, internships, honors track, and project based curriculum.

The campus offers students access to sports fields, farm areas, as well as auditorium, computer lab, art room, cafeteria, career center, garden, gymnasium, kitchen, library, music room, swimming pool, science lab, and performance stage.

City High School provides college preparation resources including college prep courses throughout the year, community college courses, college presentation, and visiting teachers/lecturers from various colleges. Vocational programs available include graphic design and culinary.

Along with core subjects, City High School provides extra curricular activities including computer animation, film production, graphics, band, vocal lessons, instrumental music lessons, creative writing, drama, printmaking, photography, drawing, and painting. Student clubs include gardening, chess club, newspaper, study buddy club, television/radio news, yearbook, and yoga club. Sports available include capoeira, yoga, martial arts, cycling, bowling, and basketball.

There are a few mixed reviews when it comes to City High School. Most parents are very appreciative of the teachers and staff that work diligently to provide a quality education to students that is challenging. Students enjoy the freedom to express themselves within a cultural diverse environment. A few parents did notice students that received a bit more attention than other students and changing rules half way through the school year. One student explained that when not agreeing with the majority of the population, students were often ignored instead of having their voice heard.

City High School participated in the AIMS series of tests that measure if students have mastered the core subjects. In the state of Arizona, all 10th graders must pass the exam in order to graduate high school. The percentages of students at this school along with the average of students across the state are below.

In reading, 85% of students met or exceeded the standards of the exam with the state average at 78%, in science 52% with the state at 42%, in writing 58% with the state at 68%, and in math 41% with the state at 60%.

City High School
48 E. Pennington St.
Tucson, AZ 85701


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