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Chester Newton Charter and Montessori School Review

Chester Newton Charter and Montessori School opened in 1997 in Camp Verde offering students in grades pre-kindergarten through 9th with an alternative to public education via their Montessori education program. The school provides itself on developing the whole child as well as providing several parent involved student related activities.

Overall the Chester Newton Charter and Montessori School has good reviews with most parents happy with the teachers and staff. Most are a bit concerned that the school does not work toward children passing the AIMS exams which are necessary for students in higher grades. Testing and preparing students to excel taking exams seems to be a bit lax. Parents are very happy with the social activities and the way in which their children are more interested in doing their homework and going to school, which is a major plus. The student body as well as the teachers and staff are positive and compassionate which leads to a nurturing learning environment.

The AIMS exam is a series of tests used in the state of Arizona to measure the mastering ability of students in specific grades in core subjects. Students at Chester Newton Charter and Montessori School participated in the testing with percentages of those that passed or exceeded the exam listed below along with state averages.

In reading, 100% of 4th graders passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 75%, in science 100% with the state at 60 and in math 100% with the state at 65%. Test results for other grades are not available at this time.

It would be in your best interest to tour the school and ask to see their curriculum and the test results of the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards before enrolling your child.

Chester Newton Charter and Montessori School
30 Hwy. 260 E.
Camp Verde, AZ 86322


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