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Career Success – Robert L. Duffy High School Review

Career Success Robert L. Duffy High School opened in 2010 with an average enrollment of 500 students in 9th through 12th grades. The school uses the same curriculum and principles of other Career Success charter schools in the area. On the other hand, each school also has their own programs and extra curricular activities they offer.

At Career Success – Robert L. Duffy High School, you will find programs such as recording arts, medical assistant, graphic design, heath science & fitness, culinary arts, child development, green technology, and business entrepreneurship.

The school understands the diversity in the student body and with this recognizes that learning styles also differ. Students attending Career Success Robert L. Duffy High School may be behind in credits, dropped out of school, or need a bit more motivation in order to achieve graduation. Due to this, credits can be obtained in different ways including allowing students working at their own rate in a computer based class, attend regular academic vocational classes, performing volunteer service, working at a job which will earn 2 full credits per year, taking community college classes, or complete an independent study project.

Parents are very happy with the various programs that help their children graduate from high school when in many cases they would not receive enough credits. Students are happy with the hands on and computer based training.

Since the school recently opened, at this time, the results of the AIMS exam for students attending the school are not available. Other Career Success schools normally have done very well with most passing or exceeding the standards set forth by the state.

To learn more about the school, it would be in your best interest to contact the school for a tour as well as talk with other parents with students attending the school.

Career Success – Robert L. Duffy High School
2550 E. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034


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