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Career Success – Mesa Campus Review

The Career Success at Mesa Campus is a completely different type of school altogether for students in 6th through 12th grades. Not only is it a charter school but the school offers face to face as well as online instruction which allows for more flexibility in scheduling so students can participate not only in academic classes, but also fitness training, sports, and community based activities. There is no mentioning of the year the school was opened or how many students are enrolled.

Features of the school that impresses both students and parents are the opportunity for each student to create their own schedules, no bells ringing to change class, and no more long lectures in class. The school offers a self paced learning environment with teachers on hand for students that need extra help. All students are provided with iPad or laptop and will use Wii for such activities as physical education, sports, and exercise.

The school did participate in the AIMS exam which is administered to students attending a public school in the state of Arizona. In order to graduate from high school, all students are required to pass or exceed the standards of the test.

In reading, 38% of 10th graders attending Career Success – Mesa Campus met or exceeded the exam with the state average at 51%, in writing 29% with the state at 58%, and in math 38% with the state at 51%.

Before enrolling your student in Career Success Mesa Campus, it would be in your best interest to take a tour and learn more about the curriculum as well as other test examples. Since the school has not been open long, this information will be able to help you make an educated decision.

Career Success – Mesa Campus
1455 S. Stapley Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85204


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