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Calli Ollin Academy Charter School Review

The Calli Ollin Academy Charter School opened in 1997 and provides a quality education for students in 9th through 12th grades. The study body is 84% Hispanic with an average enrollment of 58 students per year. The school strives to provide a positive learning environment that provides students with all the tools needed to achieve their goals. The school works with all students to ensure development of responsible citizens that will contribute to society as well as become life long learners in an ever-changing world. The school not only uses instructor led programs but also has tutoring available.

The teachers and staff are caring and want to help each student excel in all core subjects as well as learn how to adapt in the world. The curriculum prepares students for college or for going to work after graduation. One of the best options is that students can earn college credits while still in high school. The school helps to develop leadership skills along with professionalism while giving students the desire to learn more about their culture. Other opportunities at the school include expeditionary learning objectives, life skills programs, after school activities, alternative schedules, and special education programs.

Students in 10th grade in the state of Arizona are required to take the AIMS series of exams, which measures the ability of students mastering skills of core subjects. The percentages of students at Calli Ollin Academy Charter School that passed or exceeded the standards set by the state are listed below along with the percentages of students across the state that also passed or exceeded the standards of the exam.

In reading, 25% passed or exceeded the exam with the state average at 78%, in writing 9% with the state average at 68%, and in math 7% with the state average at 60%.

Calli Ollin Academy Charter School
200 N. Stone Ave. 3rd Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701-1208



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