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Blueprint High School Review

Blueprint High School opened in 2009 as a charter school and an alternative to students that do not want to attend a regular public school. The school provides an education for students in 9th through 12 grades. The school boasts it is a home away from away with small classrooms; however, at this time there is no information on the number of students that are enrolled in the school.

Since the school only opened in 2009, there is not much information online regarding tests grades. The only information on the school is found on their website. The school offers a learning environment where students can excel and even graduate earlier than expected, help get on the right track so they can graduate or even learn online.

Students must complete six credits per year in order to be on track for graduation. The school is all about academics and does not show any type of extra curricular activities or sports available at all.

A few things stand out against the school in my opinion. Students are not allowed to go to the bathroom when needed but must go during their break time. All bathrooms are locked and are only unlocked by a teacher that will monitor the time the student spent in the bathroom. Students take a scheduled 15 minute break even though the school does not provide how many breaks are given it is assumed only one is given at which time the students will be allowed to eat and drink snacks that were brought from home. There is no mention of a lunch break either. Taking breaks are also considered a privilege and can be taken away from students.

Before enrolling students in the school, it would be in your best interest to take a day and visit. This is the only way you will really be able to determine more about the environment of the school. From the information on their website, the school is very strict and does not provide the opportunity for students to socialize.

Blueprint High School
670 North Arizona Avenue, Ste. 1
Chandler, AZ 85225


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