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Bert Corona Charter School Review

Bert Corona Charter School opened in 2004 to provide an alternative to traditional school for students in 6th through 8th grades. The school offers an education that will prepare students for high school and onward to college. The curriculum is technology driven. The student body is multicultural with 97% being Hispanic.

Along with core subjects, Bert Corona Charter School extra curricular that students can join including film production, computer arts, bands, photography, dance, painting, and drama. Sports include soccer, rock climbing, football, basketball, baseball, crew, field hockey, martial arts, softball, track, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, cheerleading, and physical education classes. Other programs available include community service, yearbook, academic contests, and student government. There is one vocational program available is technology.

Parents are very pleased with the school and the way in which the students are treated. The teachers and staff help students and are available even after school hours for students that need extra help. Students explained they really like their teachers and the various extra curricular activities the school offers. Students feel safe and enjoy attending the school.

The Academic Performance Index is used to determine if a school growing in their academic endeavors for students. Bert Corona Charter School had a base score of 680, this year the score was 687 which shows academic growth.

With the California Standards Tests, there were no grades available for 5th grade. All other grades were below average in all courses with general math being the worst with only 7% of students passing the exam in 8th grade.

From the comments of parents and the Academic Performance Index the school is doing better from previous years, however, the CSI tests shows students are not passing the courses, therefore, it is hard to tell exactly how many students graduated from this school and entered high school. It would be in your best interest to learn more about the curriculum and the reasons behind the low test scores before enrolling your child.

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Bert Corona Charter School
9400 Remick Ave.
Pacoima, CA 91331
Phone: 818-834-5805


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