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Avalon Elementary School at San Marcos Review

Avalon Elementary School at San Marcos opened in 2002 as a public charter school in Apache Junction. The school provides an alternative educational to students in kindergarten through 8th grades with an average of 350 students enrolled each year.

The school focuses on providing a nurturing family style environment where the community, parents, students, and staff work together to provide to ensure a quality education is provided for each student.

Along with the core subjects, Avalon Elementary School also offers a few extra curricular activities including dance, physical education classes, football, academic contests, and yearbook.

The ethnicity make-up of students attending the school is 59% white, 36% Hispanic, 4% Black, and 1% not specified.

Teachers at the school are proud of the environment they have created with the most advanced educational tools available. The school has a zero tolerance for bullying as reported by teachers where students are accountable for their own actions. The staff works together as a team to ensure that the students receive the best education while ensuring distractions are dealt with accordingly.

Parents are happy with the results they are seeing with their students as a whole, which encompasses not only their academics but their social skills as well. Some parents did state the curriculum needs to be improved but overall the teachers and staff are wonderful and work with each student and helps them know their importance. The school at one time had a few issues with underperformance as well as bullying, however, a new principal has been appointed and parents are now happy with the administration and the overall atmosphere of the school.

The Avalon Elementary School at San Marcos participated in the AIMS exam, which measures students on their ability to master the standards set forth by the state of Arizona. Percentages of students that passed or exceeded the exam along with state averages are listed below. In reading, 54% of 3rd graders passed with the state average at 76%, in writing, 59% with the state at 79%, and in math 22% with the state at 68%. In reading, 71% of 4th graders passed with the state average at 75%, in science 43% with the state at 60%, in writing 88% with the state at 84%, and in math 41% with the state average at 65%. In reading 90% of 5th graders passed with the state at 79%, in writing 55% with the state at 55%, and in math 52% with the state at 63%. In reading, 53% of 8th graders passed with the state average being 81%, in writing 27% with the state at 56%, and in math 18% with the state at 59%. In reading, 68% of 7th graders passed with the state average at 82%, in writing 28% with the state at 53%, and in math 26% with the state at 61%. In reading, 75% of 8th graders passed with the state average at 71%, in science 75% with the state at 63%, in writing 79% with the state at 86%, and in math 40% with the state at 54%.

By seeing the test scores, it seems the school still needs some improvement, so the students can master the standards set forth by the state.

Avalon Elementary School at San Marcos
1045 S. San Marcos
Apache Junction, AZ 85220


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