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Aurora Borealis Charter School Review

Aurora Borealis Charter School is a K-8 school that serves students from the Kenai-Soldotna area. This includes Kasilof, Sterling and Nikiski.  With about 180 students enrolled in Kenai, this school is noted for academic rigor, and has Latin and Greek at all levels. Emphasis is on academics of the highest level and social activities are limited. The curriculum includes research-based programs like Saxon Math, Shurley Grammar, Riggs and Spaulding phonics.

The school started its operations in the year 1997 and the enrollment barely topped 75. Kids were carted to and from school in a mud-splattered 4×4.  But things were held together through the Mixmaster start-up when a workable reality had to be found between conflicting solutions by parents and staff.  Soon the school began to gel and the team steered the school to success.

Students are taught within a structured environment and are challenged with high academic standards. All students are tested prior to enrollment, to get an idea of their performance levels.  Along with the knowledge based curriculum, the school pays special attention to behavior. A subject-based direct instruction is imparted, with the use of text books in class.

ABCS places emphasis on language arts (which include, grammar, vocabulary, spelling and phonetic reading), mathematics, science, geography, technology, art, music, history, Latin, penmanship and physical education.  Reading begins in Kindergarten and continues throughout. This is in short, a basic-to-basics school that believes in rote learning and repetitive drilling.

705 Frontage Road, Ste. A
Kenai, AK 99611-7769
Phone: 907-283-0292

[google-map-sc address=”Aurora Borealis Charter School, 705 Frontage Road, Ste. A, Kenai, AK 99611-7769″]


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