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Arts Academy at Scottsdale Review

The Arts Academy at Scottsdale opened in 2009 and provides educational opportunities for students in grades kindergarten through 4th. The school has received great reviews from parents, students, and teachers as well as the community.

The charter school is set apart from other public schools due to the small class size and individualized curriculum. The curriculum is actually amazing for the grade level, unlike most public schools. Examples of the curriculum by grade level include:

Kindergarteners are introduced to math with topics like numbers, counting, geometry, and fractions; language arts includes writing skills and phonics; social studies includes such things and maps, Australia, China, Japan, Africa as well as American symbols; science offers topics like rainforest, spiders, the five senses, and heart; and even technology is introduced with topics like basic keyboard skills and basic computer operations.

First graders delve into topics like geometry and fractions, author studies, American Tall Tales, Spain, England, Italy, Greece, Pilgrims, Native Americans, planets, dinosaurs, animal classifications, basic keyboard skills and basic computer operations.

Second graders study topics like problem solving, whole number manipulation, parts of speech, poetry, reading, multicultural celebrations, Oregon Trail, Lewis & Clark, pioneers, seasonal cycles of the earth, personal body safety, chemistry, basic keyboard skills and basic computer operations.

Third graders have topics such as fractions, decimals, money, reference skills, parts of speech, slavery in the colonies, Vikings, important rivers of the world, electricity, astronomy, health, basic keyboard skills and basic computer operations.

Fourth graders study subjects like time, measurement, estimations, parts of speech, reference skills, Arizona, government branches, Revolutionary War, space, clouds, fossils, basic keyboard skills, vocabulary presentations, and basic computer operations.

Along with an excellent curriculum, the school also offers extra curricular activities, which are computer arts, chorus, dance, photography, sculpture, painting, and theater. Languages taught include French, Japanese, mandarin, and Spanish. Sports offered include basketball, cheerleading, baseball, gymnastics, martial arts, physical education classes, soccer softball, and tennis. Special programs are academic contests, newspaper, student council, community service, yearbook and science & technology.

Parents are very pleased with the way in which their children are doing academically and socially. The students enjoy going to school and learning in a nurturing and safe environment. The classrooms are small which allows for a more one on one learning experience, which helps children excel.

Students at Arts Academy at Scottsdale participated in the AIMS exam, which is a requirement of the state of Arizona for students in specific grades to measure their level of understanding and mastering the standards set for core subjects. Percentages of students that passed or exceeded the standards along with the state average for students across the state are listed below.

In reading 100% of 3rd graders passed with the state average for Reading at 76% and in math 93% with the state average at 68%. In reading, 87% of 4th graders passed with the state average at 75%, in science 87% with the state average at 60%, and in math 87% with the state average at 65%.

Arts Academy at Scottsdale
7214 E. Jenan Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260


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