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Arkansas Virtual Academy Review

Arkansas Virtual Academy is an online virtual school providing students in kindergarten through 8th grade with an alternative to traditional school settings. Students can work at their own pace with the opportunity to work at home with licensed teachers available online or via telephone.

The school uses the K¹² curriculum along with all the tools they need to succeed and learn. The curriculum offers both core subjects and various electives to ensure students can find many great courses besides ones offered at traditional schools. The curriculum offers online planning, assessment tools, resources, and hands on material such as microscopes and textbooks, to name a few. The curriculum used at Arkansas Virtual Academy is one that is based on individualized learning plans with six core subjects and various learning styles to fit the needs of all children.

Parents that wanted a different learning environment than a traditional school setting as well as ones that were considering home school love this school. Parents expressed the teachers work with students online at least a couple of times per month to ensure students are on the right track and are not having problems with any subjects. The curriculum is challenging and interesting. Teachers really enjoy working with students and are dedicated to help them excel.

At this time, there are no test results published for the school. If you are considering home school or a charter school for your child, you should learn more about the test results of students attending the school before making a decision. Online schools are not for every student. They must be prepared to work at home without much supervisor besides parents. Some students may not do as well while others will excel as they learn at their own pace, but they must be committed to doing their schoolwork instead of doing other things.

Have you studied at Arkansas Virtual Academy?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Arkansas Virtual Academy in the comment section to help other readers!

Arkansas Virtual Academy
10802 Executive Center Dr., Suite 205
Little Rock, AR 72211
Phone: 501-664-4225


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