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Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics Review

The Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics was established in 2003 and on average has 370 students enrolled per year in grades 6th through 12. The school focuses on core subjects but also has training programs in the visual arts, American Sign Language, piano, dance, and guitar with a school for the deaf on the campus as well.

Along with the above-mentioned subjects, the Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics offers other extra curricular activities including computer arts, band, theater, and chorus. Languages taught at the school include French, Italian, and Spanish. Special programs offered include academic contests, student council, yearbook, debate, and science and technology.

Parents love the curriculum that mixes the arts with the core subjects. The arts program is above average as stated by both parents and students. The downside is that now with close to 400 students in the facility, it is quite crowded and students are not feeling as comfortable as they did when the school had fewer students enrolled. The major issue at Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics is bathroom privileges. There is only one bathroom for the entire school and is locked at most times. For students to visit the bathroom it must be done going from class to class when a teacher has the bathroom unlocked. It is locked during class and lunch. Students can earn bathroom passes by writing essays.

Students at Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics in grades 6, 7, 8, and 10 were required to take the AIMS exam, which measures if students have mastered the standards set forth by the state in specific core subjects. The percentages of students that passed or exceeded the exam along with the percentages of students across the state that passed or exceeded the exam are listed below.

The results for the exam in reading for 6th graders were not available. In previous years, the percentage of students passing the exam in recent years were 74%, 85%, and 84%; in writing 95%, 84%, and 92%; and in math 79%, 74%, and 67%. The results for 7th graders tested include 82% passed in reading, 88% in writing, and in math 87%. The information for 8th grade results include in reading 68% passed, in science 50% passed, writing 87% passed, and in math 53% passed. 90% of 10th graders passed with the state average at 78%, in science 61% with the state average being 42%, in writing 79% with the state average at 68%, and in math 60% with the state average being 60%.

Arizona Conservatory for Arts and Academics
2820 W. Kelton Ln.
Phoenix, AZ 85053


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