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Arizona Connections Academy Review

The Arizona Connections Academy is an online charter school offering students in kindergarten through 12th grades an alterative to public school. The curriculum is basically the same as you would find in an offline school, but does provide a unique learning environment in that students can log into the school from their home.

The students are expected to attend the online school just as they would a regular school, with parents taking attendance. The staff at the school is state certified with other staff members available for students and parents being school administrators and full time licensed counselors.

As well as offering a solid curriculum the Arizona Connections Academy offers students the opportunity for social activities as well. These clubs and activities include Arts Club, Book Club, Brain Teasers Club, Broadcast Club, Chess Clubs, Debate Club, Digital Storytelling Club, Environmental Club, Math Clubs, National History Day, Pen Pal Club, Poetry Clubs, Quiz Bowl Club, Robotics Club, Science Fair Club, Science in the Kitchen Club, Student Leadership Club, Student Literary Magazine, and Student Newspaper.

As with any school, there are mixed reviews regarding the Arizona Connections Academy. A few parents are not happy with the communication efforts of school staff and teachers. A few instances of live lessons being cancelled at the last minute were reported as well as contacting staff by parents to learn more about their children progress can be difficult at times. This was probably seen more in the beginning years as the school staff, teachers, students, and parents were adjusting to an online learning environment.

Overall, the school reviews good reviews with students not only using online material for studies but around 80% of the work is in textbooks. There are live lessons with the teacher weekly, telephone conference calls between teachers and parents bi-weekly, and emails as often as the parent sees fit. The school uses Brain Pop, Discovery Science, and the AIMS exam prep.

The AIMS exam is required by the state of Arizona to measure students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10. The students at Arizona Connections Academy took the exam recently with percentages of those passing or exceeding the exam listed below along with the state averages of students across the state.
In reading, 74% of 3rd graders passed with the state average at 76% and in math 56% with the state at 68%. In reading, 75% of 4th graders passed with the state at 75%, in science 69% with the state at 60%, and in math 52% with the state being 65%. In reading, 83% of 5th graders passed with the state at 79%, in writing 44% with the state at 55%, and in math 52% with the state average at 63%. In reading, 87% of 6th graders passed with the state average at 81%, in writing 47% with the state being 64%, and in math 34% with the state at 59%. In reading, 83% of 7th graders passed with the state average at 82%, in writing 35% with the state at 53%, and in math 45% with the state average at 61%. In reading, 77% of 8th graders passed while the state average was 71%, in science 65% with the state at 63%, and in math 37% with the state at 54%. In reading, 76% of 10th graders passed with the state average at 78%, in science 31% with the state at 42%, in writing 58% with the state average at 68%, and in math 40% with the average in the state being 60%.

Arizona Connections Academy
1017 S. Gilbert Rd., Ste. 210
Mesa, AZ 85204

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