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Arizona Compass Prep School Review

Arizona Compass Prep School opened in 2009 in Chandler, Arizona providing an alternative to public education for students in 7th through 12th grades. The school is part of the Skyline Education incorporation, which is a system of charter schools founded in 2000. The school offers a base curriculum as with schools in the corporation; however, individual needs are met according to the student’s requirements. The base curriculum meets Arizona’s standards and incorporates college preparatory curriculum that is laced with athletics, and the arts. The curriculum is often changing to stay on top of changes in the world itself and is developed by teachers within the corporation.

The overall parent review of the school is quite good; however, some parents expressed concern over bullying in the lower grades. Most students excel and are learning even with the issues found in the classrooms where all students are allowed to attend even if their behavior is disruptive.

For students that are not targeted by bullies and can work in a disruptive classroom, the students seem to do well. It seems there needs to be a bit more staff involvement in grades 7th through 9th to ensure that all students can receive the same quality education and disruptive students are moved from the classroom.

On the other hand, the school is top in sports events in the area and does have caring teachers that work with students. The reviews are getting better, so maybe the bullying situation and disruptive behavior is beginning to be controlled.

In the state of Arizona, the Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards exam is given to students to measure their ability of mastering the learning standards set forth by the state. Students at Arizona Compass Prep School in grades 7, 8, and 10 were required to take the exam. The percentage of the students passing or exceeding the state standards along with the percentages of students in the grades mentioned that passed or exceeded the exam across the state are below.

In reading 64% of 7th graders passed the exam with the state average at 82%, in writing 43% with the state reporting 53%, and in math 43% and the state average at 61%. 8th graders in reading scored 45% with the state average at 71%, in science 36% with the state at 63%, and in math 27% with the state at 54%. In reading, 80% of 10th graders passed or exceeded the standards with the state average at 78%, in writing 100% with the state average being 68%, and in math 50% with the state at 60%.

Arizona Compass Prep School
550 W. Warner Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85225


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