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Arizona Academy of Leadership – Central Review

The Arizona Academy of Leadership recently moved to their new location on June 1, 2011 where administration and staff will have larger and better equipped classrooms, which included a computer lab, reading room, indoor play area and multipurpose area for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

The curriculum is a bit different from what you will find at other public charter schools, which uses research based materials. All teachers send a monthly report to parents or guardians of students so they can stay informed of the progress of their child.

The curriculum offers beyond textbooks which offers an accelerated schedule with a pacing guide, 120 minutes per day are devoted to reading instruction, students are required to spend 90 minutes per day developing math skills, in science students will discover such topics as fabrics, pulleys, and balance, along with other core subjects such as writing, social studies, and technology.

The school has not provided any tests results, which could be good or bad according to what you think of the secrecy. The overall curriculum and mandatory uniform is impressive, but on the other hand, does not show any sense of allowing students to show creativity or oneness. The mandatory dress codes includes polo shirts in colors red, white, and navy blue along with slacks, jumpers, shorts, Capri’s, or skirts in either khaki or navy blue.

All teachers are certified in compliance with the No Child Left Behind guidelines, however, according to the discretion of the school administrators some teachers may comply with NCLB but are not state certified.

When you enroll your child in Arizona Academy of Leadership, the child will go through a 45 day screening period where educators will evaluate the needs of your child.

The school does offer a few after school activities, however, none of the activities are listed on their website, therefore you will need to contact the school for more information on what is available.

Arizona Academy of Leadership – Central
40 W. Ft. Lowell
Tucson, AZ 85706


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