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Antelope Valley Learning Academy Review

Antelope Valley Learning Academy opened in 2006 to provide home school families with the educational tools they need to help their children succeed along with support from qualified teachers. The school serves grades kindergarten through eighth.

Antelope Valley Learning Academy was opened to help students be able to learn in more personal environment and one that fits their own unique style of learning. All students that attend Antelope Valley Learning Academy learn in a home based setting individually. The parent is the primary instructor but does have the support a California credentialed teacher. Teachers have experience learning how to detect how each child learns in order to help parents create a curriculum and learning environment to ensure that all students will succeed.

The school does offer two learning center classes per week for students that may need a bit more time to learn a subject with no more than 15 students in one class. The school works with parents to help create a curriculum, provide flexibility that will still ensure that each child will be able to pass the California Standard Tests and provide families with field trips and other activities for their students.

Along with core subjects, the school provides other extra curricular activities such as drawing, band, sculpture, computer arts, and science & technology.

A few parents are not as happy with Antelope Valley Learning Academy as they thought in the beginning, as they need more extra curricular activities where students can do more interaction with their peers. However, on the other hand, the school does provide excellent help from teachers and educational tools to ensure parents have what they need to teach their children. The support from teachers is amazing for most parents and students, which is helping students become life long learners and enjoying learning at home.

The Academic Performance Index system showed a marked improvement over the previous year. On the other hand, with the California Standards Tests all grade levels and courses were below state average except for 6th graders, which was above state average in one course.

It would be in your best interest if you were looking for support for your home school program to look at all the options in your area. If you are considering Antelope Valley Learning Academy, you should talk with teachers and ensure that this is the support your family needs to provide the best education for your child or children.

Have you studied at Antelope Valley Learning Academy?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Antelope Valley Learning Academy in the comment section to help other readers!

Antelope Valley Learning Academy
3145 Rancho Vista Blvd., Ste. C
Palmdale, CA 93551
Phone: 661-942-2550


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