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Animo Locke HS # 3 Review

Animo Locke HS # 3 is part of the Locke Family of High School located where Alain Leroy Locke Senior High School was opened in 1967. This new group of schools opened in 2008 with Animo Locke HS # 3 serving students in 9th grade. On the campus is six small school all offering a college preparatory curriculum to help students be prepared for college life socially and academically.

Along with college prep core subjects, Animo Locke HS # 3 provides a variety of other activities students can join if they wish to participate. These include softball, soccer, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, cross country, physical education classes, ultimate Frisbee, rock climbing, volleyball, track, debate, science & technology, newspaper, student government, yearbook, multimedia, computer arts, dance, band, film production, photography, orchestra, drama, sculpture, chorus, and drawing.

Parents are very pleased with the safe environment and the college prep curriculum. Many stated their children are doing much better and wanting to attend school. The issues of the past are more like memories of what the area once was and today is a caring and nurturing learning environment. Teachers at the school are very nice and want to help each student succeed.

The downside is that the results of the California Standards Tests showed students were below state averages. However, the school is improving and students are learning. If you have any concerns, it would be best to talk with other parents, teachers and staff to learn more about the curriculum and the learning environment. Finding the best school that works well with your family will be the one that will help your children succeed.

Have you studied at Animo Locke HS # 3?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Animo Locke HS # 3 in the comment section to help other readers!

Animo Locke HS # 3
325 East 111th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90061
Office: (323) 420-2067


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