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Animo Locke HS # 2 Review

Animo Locke HS # 2 also known as Animo Locke II College Preparatory Academy is a part of the Green Dot Public School system as well as being part of the Locke Family of High Schools. The school centers on preparing students for college with caring and dedicated teachers and staff. The college prep curriculum gives students all the tools needed to prepare them for their remaining years of school upon graduation.

Along with core subjects, Animo Locke HS # 2 realizes the importance of providing students with more than just study time. Due to this the school offers student clubs, sports, and extra curricular activities which include newspaper, student government, debate, science & technology, yearbook, multimedia, baseball, rock climbing, track, film production, orchestra, computer arts, cross country, physical education classes, basketball, football, softball, photography, band, dance, soccer, tennis, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, drama, sculpture, chorus, and drawing. Since the school is part of the Locke Family of High Schools it may also offer vocational programs such as law enforcement, automotive, agriculture, professional childcare, technology, health careers, and food service.

Parents are very pleased with the Locke Family of High Schools since the reputation of the school that was previously located here was not that good at all. Since that time, the school and grounds are much better. Now, the school is safe and there are fewer issues about bullying. Teachers are very devoted to ensuring students feel comfortable at school and are always willing to listen to their problems whether or not if it is academically centered. Students are enjoying attending school and being involved in all the activities the school has to offer.

The results of the California Standards tests showed that all grades and all courses were below state average. The school is improving academically and students are learning better than before. Of course, to ensure the school is a good fit for your child you should talk with other parents that have students enrolled.

Have you studied at Animo Locke HS # 2?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Animo Locke HS # 2 in the comment section to help other readers!

Animo Locke HS # 2
325 E. 111th St., Bungalow A1
Los Angeles, CA 90061
Phone: 323-420-2150


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